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Rooted Wellness Nutrition

Whole Body Healing (3 Month Coaching Plan)

Whole Body Healing (3 Month Coaching Plan)

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The Whole Body Healing (3-Month) package includes:

  • HTMA Report
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Food & Mood Journal Analysis
  • Initial 1 Hour Consult to review results and plan
  • Personalized Plan
  • 6 Bi-weekly mini-sessions to assess progress, educate and receive on-going support and instruction.

Receive recommendations such as:

  • Digestive health guidance to help with nutrient absorption & retention.
  • Food recommendations to help with increasing mineral levels.
  • Plan for better sleep (i.e. getting to sleep, staying asleep, or feeling rested.
  • Adrenal health support for reducing stress, & regaining energy & vitality
  • Nervous system help to help reduce anxiety, headaches, body pains, & more.
  • Thoughtfully planned detox support if & when the body is strong enough to handle a detox.
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